SundayCruise - Dating Web Application

SundayCruise - Dating Web Application

.Net Core 7 / Angular 14 / Bootstrap 5


This dating web application offers a range of features designed to enhance user interaction and experience, including secure registration and login, real-time messaging, profile management, active user tracking, sorting and filtering options, like and message tracking, and admin functionalities for user moderation. Leveraging a tech stack comprising Angular 14 for the frontend, Microsoft .NET Core 7 and ASP.NET Core for the backend, and Bootstrap 5 for design, the application ensures optimal performance, scalability, and maintainability.
The frontend is powered by Angular 14, providing a robust framework for efficient single-page application development. On the backend, Microsoft .NET Core 7 and ASP.NET Core enable seamless integration and support for cloud-enabled applications, with features like object-relational mapping for data handling. Bootstrap 5 contributes to the design, offering a suite of tools and components for creating responsive and visually appealing interfaces.
The deployment process involves building and compressing the Angular application and Dotnet server files, dockerizing them within a Linux server environment using Docker containers, and deploying to a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, specifically Automation with GitHub Actions streamlines the deployment process, triggering updates automatically upon changes in the main branch of the repository.
Testers can sign in as the demo user by clicking on the demo button or using the following credentials:
Username: Sophie - Password: Pa$$w0rd
Username: Ethan - Password: Pa$$w0rd


.Net Core 7

Angular 14

Bootstrap 5




Web Sockets


Cloud Deployment